July 5 – 9

Breakfasts this week will be overnight oatmeal (E), eggs with bacon (S), or green drink with protein powder (FP).

Lunches: zucchini pizza bites (S), egg salad in a low carb wrap (S), grilled chicken in romaine leaves (FP).  Saturday we’ll be out all day, so I’ll have a salad or bunless burger wherever we end up eating lunch.

Snacks: berries with 000 Greek yogurt, strawberry cheesecake shake, celery with natural peanut butter or cream cheese, Lily’s dark chocolate, and Briana’s banana bars (that I have in the freezer).


Tuesday – Nathan’s hotdogs roasted over the fire, raw veggies with garlic dip, grilled zucchini (chips for everyone else)  THM-S

The kids will be gone the rest of the week, so it’s just Dan and me.

Wednesday – Tuna sandwiches (on Ezekiel bread or romaine leaves) with fresh tomato , dill pickles, watermelon  THM-E

Thursday – Grilled chicken, quinoa salad (from THM Cookbook), fresh broccoli or cauliflower, sliced tomatoes THM-E

Friday – Grilled steak, salad or coleslaw, steamed green beans, maybe a small serving of brown rice or sweet potato  THM-S or S-Helper

Saturday – Salad and THM Pizza, maybe this one with mushrooms, red pepper, and pepperoni. THM – S



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